A record-breaking edition

2017-04-16T00:00:00+02:00April 16th, 2017|24 Heures Motos 2017|

The 24 Heures Motos 2017 is turning out to be the edition that smashes all previous records, including distance and lap time.

Randy de Puniet got the ball rolling by smashing the lap time record on Saturday afternoon. The Team SRC Kawasaki rider completed a 1’36.408 lap, breaking the 1’36.722 record set by his teammate Fabien Foret in 2013. With just under four hours of the race to go, there’s still time for an even faster lap to be posted.

The distance record also looks set to be broken. 679 laps have been completed 19 hours into the race, compared to the previous record of 668 laps in 2010.

The record for the smallest gap between the two bikes in the lead is also likely to be shattered. The closest finish dates to 2005, when Yamaha GMT and Suzuki Endurance Racing Team crossed the finish line within 20.459 of each other. Four hours from the race finish, YART Yamaha Official EWC Team and GMT94 Yamaha were a mere 7 seconds apart!

Assuming the rankings don’t change from here to the finish, we’ll also be cheering Yamaha’s return to the top step of the podium. Yamaha’s last win dates to 2009.