“Best Belgian assets” boost home EWC star Mackels

2022-10-28T11:00:45+02:00October 28th, 2022|2022|

Bastien Mackels has highlighted the availability of the “best Belgian assets” as a key reason why he has joined the all-new KM99 squad for the 2023 FIM Endurance World Championship.

Along with Frenchman Florian Marino, 37-year-old Belgian Mackels is one of KM99’s first two rider signings for its long-term EWC participation.

Mackels, who recovered from injury to form part of the TATI Team Beringer Racing outfit that challenged for victory in last month’s EWC season-deciding Bol d’Or, said: “What is brilliant is that Mario Kupper and Gaëtan Schyns have quite clearly brought together the best Belgian assets to tackle this adventure at the highest level of endurance. When you analyse the team’s various components, one can but welcome the more than true potential of KM99. This sort of challenge is a great motivation for me.

“I know that this winter, on my bike, I will be able to take advantage of the fact that the team is located close to my home, giving me the opportunity to see the motorcycle often and sound everything out.

“We know that endurance is a complex discipline, and that one needs to tackle it with humility and method. A Belgian team with such elements, a quality tyre partnership and an unparalleled motivation will allow us to claim a top five, even a podium. And you can count on us not to let that slightest opportunity slip through our fingers and create havoc at the top of the rankings. I am delighted.”

KM99 is preparing to enter a Dunlop-equipped Yamaha in the Formula EWC category.