Women racers

Female riders are in the spotlight right now. Lucy Glöckner’s battle for the podium galvanized the end of the Bol d’Or last weekend. But she wasn’t the only woman rider to enter the fray. The all-female Girls Racing Team (Amandine Creusot, Jolanda Van Westrenen and Muriel Simorre) finished the race too, and so did Flam Racing’s female rider Margaux Wanham.
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Völpker NRT48 Schubert Motors wins EWC Dunlop Independent Trophy

Fourth past the finish line at the Bol d’Or, Völpker NRT48 Schubert Motors by ERC galvanized the end of the race. The private BMW team’s rider Lucy Glöckner fought an epic duel with permanent team Honda Endurance Racing’s Sébastien Gimbert, who made third place by a whisker. Glöckner’s spectacular feat won the German team the EWC Dunlop Independent Trophy and €5,000 in prize money.
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The manufacturers’ race

Endurance racing is a multi-faceted sport with extraordinary appeal. The prowess of the riders, teams, machines and tyre manufacturers all contribute to the excitement of the FIM EWC world championship, and this was amply demonstrated at the Bol d’Or.
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GMT94 Yamaha wins epic victory at the Bol d’Or

Reigning champion GMT94 Yamaha has won the Bol d’Or for the first time since 2007. The French factory-backed team clinched the victory ahead of Wepol BMW Motorrad Team by Penz13 and Honda Endurance Racing. The latter two teams staged a historic finish, with a duel between Sébastien Gimbert and female rider Lucy Glöckner of Völpker NRT48 Schubert Motors by ERC.
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