The FIM Endurance World Championship is the ultimate high-speed test of rider and machine.

It’s regulated by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme and promoted by Discovery Sports Events under a long-term agreement between the two organisations.

The 2022 FIM EWC season is set to feature four rounds, starting with the 45th 24 Heures Motos at Le Mans, followed by the return of Circuit Spa-Francorchamps for the 24H SPA EWC Motos, the Suzuka 8 Hours in Japan and the 100th anniversary Bol d’Or at Circuit Paul Ricard in France.

EWC races last from between eight hours to 24 hours and all must include day and night action.

Each team consists of three riders with a fourth rider nominated as a reserve. All riders must qualify and get the opportunity to practice during the day and at night.

Since Discovery Sports Events was appointed by FIM as championship promoter in 2015, the EWC has enjoyed a huge increase in media coverage and audience figures with races broadcast live around the world.

Six bike manufacturers (BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha) and three tyre brands (Bridgestone, Dunlop and Pirelli) are represented with more and more international-level riders and teams joining the grid each year.

Tyre choice is free in the headlining Formula EWC category, but all Superstock competitors use Dunlop control tyres under a new arrangement for 2022.

One of the notable features of EWC races is the spectacular standing start with riders lining up on one side of the track and sprinting across to the other to jump on their bikes before accelerating towards the first corner as the race begins.

Dunlop, Remus and Webike are the EWC’s Official Partners for 2022.


Formula EWC for the FIM Endurance World Championship is the EWC’s top division.

While the overall appearance of the bike cannot deviate from the homologated model, the fork, damper, swing-arm, brakes, radiator and exhaust can be modified. Teams are also permitted to work on increasing engine performance. All bikes feature a quick wheel change system to help ensure faster pit stops.

Formula EWC bikes use a black number background, white headlamps and must hit a minimum weight limit of 175 kilograms.

Superstock for the FIM World Endurance Cup with bikes almost identical to production models. Limited engine modifications are permitted (injector jets and fuel mapping, clutch reinforcement, a different exhaust silencer, etc.). Wheels must remain as homologated, so teams need a good wheel change strategy during pit stops.

Superstock bikes use a red number background, yellow-light headlamps and must also hit a minimum weight limit of 175 kilograms.

In both Formula EWC and Superstock, the fuel tank is modified to a maximum capacity of 24 litres and fitted with a quick refuelling device. The FIM World Endurance Cup is contested over the three European-based 24-hour races.

From 2022, Superstock riders compete for the Dunlop Superstock Trophy. The Independent Trophy is for any Formula EWC or Superstock team competing without manufacturer support.

Pit stops are limited to four mechanics plus one refueller.


*Addition of 24H SPA EWC Motos to the calendar means there will be three 24-hour races in the same FIM Endurance World Championship season

*Changes to several team line-ups means 13 current or past EWC champions will be in action in 2022

*The 24 Heures Motos reverts to its mid-April date, while the Suzuka 8 Hours in Japan after two years of not taking place due to COVID-19

*Dunlop Superstock Trophy recognises and rewards Superstock category competitors as part of Dunlop’s single-supplier agreement with the category

*As a result the Dunlop Independent Trophy becomes the Independent Trophy and continues to recognise the achievements of teams in Formula EWC and Superstock competing without manufacturer support

*Qualifying results are based on the average time of the fastest two riders (the results of the fourth rider are not taken into account). Previously the results were based on the average of three riders

*All riders per team must qualify within 108 per cent of the fastest team in each category

*Stäubli is the single supplier of the FIM homologated fuel quick-fill system for the FIM Endurance World Championship and World Cup from 2022 (transition year) to 2031. Although its use is not mandatory in 2022, the system is available for sale or rent to all the teams wishing to equip themselves and prepare for the mandatory use of the FIM homologated fuel quick-fill system from 2023