2016-04-09T00:00:00+02:00April 9th, 2016|24 Heures Motos 2016|

A totally crazy start to the race at the 24 Heures Motos. After being flagged off on a very damp track, with intermittent showers, the race witnessed a series of crashes, with several pit stops for tyre changes.

F.C.C. TSR Honda (Kazuma Watanabe/Alan Techer/Damian Cudlin), the newcomer at this year’s 24 Heures Motos, is still leading the race, ahead of a group of official machines swapping positions among the Top 5 from one refuelling stop to the next. The group includes Kawasaki SRC with Gregory Leblanc (who has clocked the fastest lap time so far of 1’38.586), Matthieu Lagrive and Fabien Foret; Honda Endurance Racing with Julien Da Costa, Sébastien Gimbert and Freddy Foray, and Penz13.com BMW Motorrad with Mathieu Gines, Kenny Foray and Lukas Pesek. Right behind the official teams, R2CL and Team Bolliger Switzerland are in the Top 10.

The GMT94 Yamaha has fallen behind the leading pack because of Louis Rossi’s crash. The Suzuki Endurance Racing Team is still lagging well behind in the standings after Anthony Delhalle crashed in the second hour of the race.

In the Superstock class, Yamaha Viltaïs Experiences has been leading since the start of the race with Axel Maurin, Nicolas Salchaud and Olivier Depoorter. The Yamaha #333 is in front of Team Louit Moto 33 Traqueur’s Kawasaki and the Völpker NRT48 Schubert Motors BMW. After leading at the start of the race, Junior Team Le Mans Sud Suzuki has climbed back up into the Top 15.