Family of EWC star Gino Rea launches rehabilitation funding appeal

2022-09-16T16:45:55+02:00September 10th, 2022|2022|

The family of Gino Rea, who was seriously injured in practice for the 43rd Coca-Cola Suzuka 8 Hours, round three of the FIM Endurance World Championship last month, has launched a funding appeal to help in his ongoing rehabilitation.

A post from Shannon Rea, reads: “Gino sustained catastrophic life-changing injuries when he came off his motorcycle and collided with the crash barriers at Suzuka.

“Gino was unresponsive and fell into a coma. He was immediately transported by air ambulance to Mie Prefectural General Medical Centre. The news was then broken to his family that he was in a life-threatening condition. The team at Mie Prefectural established that Gino had severe swelling and bleeding in the brain. They decided it was best to keep him in a coma to prevent further swelling and reduce his soaring temperature. The next 48 hours were critical for Gino.

“As the hours slipped by, family and friends anxiously waited for an update on Gino’s condition. We were told that Gino had suffered a traumatic brain injury. In addition, he also had a fractured C2, C7, left clavicle, rib and contusion on the lungs.

“Gino lay in a Coma for a total of seven days. He was watched over by a great medical team and his loving family, who travelled to Japan to be by his side. It was a powerful moment for everyone when he finally started showing signs of improvement and slowly opened his eyes to respond to us all.

“Gino has always been a mentally and physically strong person. The team at the hospital have said that they were amazed at how well he recovered in such a short time, putting it down to years of hard training and a high fitness level.

“Gino has been diagnosed with Diffuse Axonal Injury as a result of the crash. This is a complex brain injury that affects someone’s physical, cognitive and emotional functions. The extent to which how well someone will change or how they will recover from this type of injury will vary from person to person. Therefore, it is crucial for us to ensure Gino gets the right rehabilitation.

“It may take Gino a few months or even a few years to recover. In order for us to give Gino the best possible chance at making a full recovery, he will need this intensive and consistent rehabilitation for the foreseeable future.

“Memories shape us and make us who we are. Unfortunately, Gino’s short-term and long-term memory has been greatly affected, so professional therapy is needed for him to regain this once again.

“We hope that the Neuropsychologists will be able to help him remember the important milestones in his life, such as riding his first motorcycle at the age of three! He needs to be able to remember his early days in motocross right up to his podium finish at 24H SPA EWC Motos, always entertaining the crowd in his thrilling way. Most importantly, we want Gino to remember all the amazing times he has had with family and friends.

“As many of you know, Gino lives life to the fullest and is always up for a new challenge. He has loved nothing more than spending his years racing all over the world, just like when he won the European SuperStock 600 championship back in 2009. He showed his skills last year in the rain at the Donington British Superbike event, finishing first in the two races! He would not have been able to do this without the support of his family, friends and fans across the globe but now he needs us more than ever as he begins his biggest challenge yet.

“In order for Gino to make a full recovery we need to raise some funding and keep the costly rehabilitation ongoing. For Gino to achieve the best outcome, we need your help!

“No matter how small it may be, we will be forever grateful for your contribution. Please make a donation.”

Follow this link for more information and to donate: