FIM EWC Endurance World Championship Wed, 24 May 2017 11:36:03 +0000 en-US hourly 1 F.C.C. TSR Honda awarded the Anthony Delhalle EWC Spirit Trophy Tue, 23 May 2017 17:37:09 +0000

F.C.C. TSR Honda had a tough time of it right from the start of the race. Having started from sixth place on the grid, the Honda #5 plunged to the bottom of the standings as one of its tyres developed a slow leak. The Japanese team had been relegated to beyond 30th place when Gregg Black and Josh Hook began their climb back up, racing practically the entire 8 hours on their own without the help of Damian Cudlin, who was suffering crippling back pains. The Australian rider courageously took over in the saddle towards the end of the race to shore up his teammates.

F.C.C. TSR Honda finished the 8 Hours of Oschersleben in fifth place.
The Japanese squad’s motivation and sheer determination in Germany won them the Anthony Delhalle EWC Spirit Trophy.

Tragic death of Nicky Hayden Mon, 22 May 2017 18:55:14 +0000

Nicky Hayden was 35 years old. 2006 MotoGP champion, his new challenge in 2016 was the World Superbike Championship and FIM EWC on 2016 Suzuka 8 Hours.

All Eurosport Events extend their condolences to Nicky Hayden’s family and friends.

Moto Ain CRT wins EWC Dunlop Independent Trophy Mon, 22 May 2017 07:52:13 +0000

After winning at the Bol d’Or last September and finishing runner-up to Tati Team Beaujolais Racing at Le Mans in April, Moto Ain CRT carried off the EWC Dunlop Independent Trophy at Oschersleben, winning a €4,000 prize. Sixth past the finish line and winner of the Superstock class, Moto Ain CRT also moved up to top spot in the FIM EWC World Cup standings. The Yamaha #96 with Alexis Masbou, Hugo Clère and Robin Mulhauser in the saddle started a duel for victory halfway through the race with Völpker NRT48 Schubert Motors by ERC. Despite being handed a one-minute penalty for defective lights, and although Alexis Masbou had not yet fully recovered from a forearm operation, Moto Ain CRT finished ahead of Völpker NRT48 Schubert Motors by ERC.

The BMW-mounted German team was spurred on by the fact of racing on home territory, and led the race in class for the first five hours, with riders Stefan Kerschbaumer, Jan Bühn and Lucy Glockner (the only female rider at Oschersleben) delivering a spirited performance. Völpker NRT48 Schubert Motors won a €3,000 prize.

Julien Enjolras, Dylan Buisson and Kevin Denis rode Tati Team Beaujolais Racing’s Kawasaki to third place in the EWC Dunlop Independent Trophy, and picked up the accompanying €2,700 prize.

The other prize-winning teams at the 8 Hours of Oschersleben were Ecurie Chrono Sport, Team April Moto Motors Events, Arlows Racing Team, Fullgas Racing Team #116 and KSB One Racing.

The EWC Dunlop Independent Trophy – renewed this season by FIM EWC promoter Eurosport Events, the organizers of each FIM EWC 2016/2017 race and tyre manufacturer Dunlop – gives backing to private teams using Dunlop tyres that do not benefit from direct support from a manufacturer.

8 Hours of Oschersleben 2017 – EWC Dunlop Independent Trophy standings

A triple Yamaha win at Oschersleben Sun, 21 May 2017 00:08:36 +0000

GMT94 Yamaha chalked up its third consecutive win in Germany, crossing the finish line at the 8 Hours of Oschersleben less than 31 seconds ahead of YART Yamaha Official EWC Team. The two factory-backed R1 bikes once again staged a thrilling duel throughout the race. GMT94 Yamaha ended up the winner despite a stop-and-go for non-compliance with the refuelling procedure at the tail end of the race. But the penalty galvanized Christophe Guyot’s riders: David Checa set a new lap record of 1’26.814.

David Checa, Niccolò Canepa and Mike Di Meglio are an unbeatable trio right now on their Dunlop-shod R1. The Bridgestone-backed YART Yamaha Official EWC Team had no choice but to bow to their rivals’ sheer determination, all the more so since Broc Parkes and Kohta Nozane covered practically all the stints between them. Marvin Fritz, who had sustained injuries at Assen as well as during testing in Oschersleben, was unable to shore up YART’s chances of winning. “GMT94 Yamaha were stronger than us today,” Broc Parkes and Kohta Nozane admitted.

The duel for third place
Another duel played out – for third place – between Bolliger Team Switzerland and Maco Racing Team. The two machines, both on the verge of running out of fuel, chose two different strategies a few minutes from the finishing line. Kawasaki Bolliger opted for a pit stop, whereas Maco Racing kept on going, attempting to eke out its last few drops of fuel. Their bet paid off for Greg Junod, Marko Jerman and Anthony Dos Santos, who took Maco Racing Team’s Yamaha to the third step of the podium.

After starting the race from the bottom of the standings because of a tyre puncture, F.C.C. TSR Honda began a climb back up, and finished in 5th place. Gregg Black and Josh Hook rode the Honda #5 for practically the entire 8 hours, as Damian Cudlin was hampered by back pain. The Japanese team’s grit in Germany won them the Anthony Delhalle EWC Spirit Trophy.

An out-and-out battle in the Superstock class
After battling for the Superstock podium from start to finish, Moto Ain CRT (Yamaha) won its trial of strength with Völpker NRT48 Schubert Motors by ERC despite being hit with a one-minute penalty towards the end of the race because of faulty headlamps. Yamaha Viltaïs Experiences won third place in the Superstock class despite a starting grid crash.

The championship gets harder to call
These three Superstock teams came in ahead of Suzuki Endurance Racing Team, which crossed the finish line ninth. Vincent Philippe got the holeshot, then took a spill early on in the race. But Suzuki Endurance Racing Team still tops the FIM EWC world championship rankings, with a seven-point lead over GMT94 Yamaha.

Honda Endurance Racing – 10th past the chequered flag – had a transmission ring gear issue. Another Superstock trio – Tati Team Beaujolais Racing, Ecurie Chrono Sport and GERT56 HMT by RS Speedbikes – finished 11th to 13th, ahead of Team April Moto Motors Events. Gregory Leblanc and Gregory Fastré ran the Honda #50 as a two-man team, since the injured Mathieu Lagrive was unfit to race.

And, after scoring a remarkable third place on the starting grid, the BMW-mounted Team LRP Poland withdrew following Lukas Trautmann’s spectacular crash.

Next race on the calendar: the 8 Hours of Slovakia Ring on Saturday 24 June.

8 Hours of Oschersleben 2017 - Final Standings

FIM EWC 2016-2017 All standings

Multiple duels in Germany Sat, 20 May 2017 19:21:55 +0000

GMT94 Yamaha and YART Yamaha Official EWC Team waged battle for the lead at the Oschersleben race for more than five hours as refuelling stops and rider changes unfurled. David Checa (GMT94 Yamaha) is currently the fastest rider on the track, having posted a 1’26.992 lap. He had upped the pace before the 30-second stop-and-go was inflicted on his team for leaving the headlights on when refuelling. But the penalty only fractionally impacted the ongoing trial of strength between the two factory-backed Yamahas.

Behind them, three teams are competing fiercely for third spot on the podium: Bolliger Team Switzerland (Kawasaki), F.C.C. TSR Honda and Maco Racing Team (Yamaha). A relentless and prolonged battle for the Superstock win also raged in 6th and 7th place between Völpker NRT48 Schubert Motors by ERC and Moto Ain CRT, which has also just been hit with a 30-second stop-and-go penalty for non-compliance with the refuelling procedure. This could benefit Yamaha Viltaïs Experiences, the Superstock that topped qualifying but has since been relegated to the bottom of the standings following a starting grid crash.

Honda Endurance Racing is on the verge of entering the Top 10. A rear wheel sprocket problem marred the British Honda’s superb start in the top 3.

Suzuki Endurance Racing Team is climbing back up from the tail end of the standings after a tragic 5th lap. After taking the lead, Vincent Philippe crashed in the very early stages of the race.

And, after scoring a remarkable third place on the starting grid, BMW du Team LRP Poland has withdrawn after Lukas Trautmann’s spectacular crash.

Riders gritting their teeth and battling on Sat, 20 May 2017 19:06:06 +0000

Team April Motos Motors Events ran into problems right from the administrative control stage. Mathieu Lagrive, who suffered ankle injuries when he crashed during the French championship a fortnight ago, was declared unfit to race by the medical team. As a result, Gregory Leblanc and Gregory Fastré hastily prepared to race the Team April Moto Motors Events Honda as a two-man team.

Gregg Black and Josh Hook of F.C.C. TSR Honda are also getting through most of the race as a duo. Damian Cudlin’s back pain is impairing him during his stints.

As for YART Yamaha Official EWC Team, Broc Parkes and Kohta Nozane are doing most of the stints due to Marvin Fritz’s injuries flaring up again. After crashing at Assen two weeks ago, he took another spill earlier this week during practice at Oschersleben.

Honda Endurance Racing’s Sébastien Gimbert and Freddy Foray are putting in more of the spadework than Julien da Costa, who has developed a sore wrist.

And Erwan Nigon was seen gritting his teeth in the saddle of Eva RT Webike Trick Star’s Kawasaki, on which he is doing stints with teammates Osamu Deguchi and Julien Millet. Erwan’s movements are still hampered after he broke seven ribs in a crash during the 24 Heures Motos last month – though Eva RT Webike Trick Star had to withdraw with a broken engine only two hours into that race.

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An eventful start at Oschersleben Sat, 20 May 2017 13:23:06 +0000

The race got off to an eventful start in Germany. First off, Bastien Mackels of Yamaha Viltaïs Experiences, the top Superstock team, crashed as he left the starting grid.

Vincent Philippe got the holeshot for Suzuki Endurance Racing Team, only to crash six minutes into the race, leaving the field wide open for Niccolò Canepa on the GMT94 Yamaha, with Broc Parkes of YART Yamaha Official EWC Team quickly catching up after starting out in the leading pack. A very precise Roman Stamm took the Bolliger Team Switzerland’s Kawasaki to 3rd place after overtaking Markus Reiterberger in the saddle of Team LRP Poland’s BMW.

The leading Superstock, Moto Ain CRT with Robin Mulhauser riding, is lapping in 5th place, while Yamaha Viltaïs Experiences did a fast climb back up into the top 10.

YART gives no quarter Sat, 20 May 2017 08:59:43 +0000

Brock Parkes posted the fastest lap of this morning’s warm-up at Oschersleben for YART Yamaha Official EWC Team: a 1’27.482. During the final few laps before the race start at 2pm CEST today, the factory-backed Austrian team went all out to impose its brand and its goal of winning the 8 Hours of Oschersleben, placing ahead of GMT94 Yamaha (1’28.265), which will start from pole position this afternoon.

Suzuki Endurance Racing Team is gearing up to combat the two factory-backed Yamahas in the race, and posted the third-fastest lap of the warm-up (1’28.311).

The top performer of the Superstock line-up was once again Yamaha Viltaïs Experiences with a 1’28.455 lap, ahead of F.C.C. TSR Honda and Honda Endurance Racing.

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Warm-up results

Watch the action at Oschersleben Fri, 19 May 2017 14:23:34 +0000

The entire race will be broadcast live on Eurosport 2 International on Saturday from 1.45pm to 10.15pm CEST, as well as on Eurosport Player, which can be accessed directly from all the Eurosport websites on a smartphone or tablet.

Eurosport Germany will provide live coverage of the race on Saturday from 4pm to 10pm.

The 23-minute ‘EWC All Access’ segment will feature the race highlights on Tuesday 23 May starting 11pm on Eurosport 1.

EWC All Access’ will also be shown on Fox Sports in Asia, on OSN in North Africa and the Middle East, on Velocity in the U.S. and Canada and on Garage TV in Spain. ‘EWC Race Review’, a 44-minute race highlights programme, will additionally be shown on La Chaine l’Equipe in France, OSN, Fox Sports, Quest in the U.K., Fox Sports and Velocity.

Follow the action at the 8 Hours of Oschersleben, the 3rd round of the FIM EWC 2016/2017, on the website, on Facebook, Twitter and via the live timing results:

GMT94 Yamaha in pole position Fri, 19 May 2017 12:08:20 +0000

GMT94 Yamaha reaffirmed its position as leader on the starting grid of the 8 Hours of Oschersleben. Together with David Checa and Mike Di Meglio, Niccolò Canepa was the hero of the day, posting a 1’26.872 lap – the best individual time of the two qualifying sessions, and the only one under the 1’27 mark.

GMT94 Yamaha took top spot on the starting grid, ahead of YART Yamaha Official EWC Team’s Broc Parkes, Marvin Fritz and Kohta Nozane. The Austrian Yamaha finished less than a half-second behind the French R1, which presages a fresh duel during the race. After two consecutive wins at the 8 Hours of Oschersleben, GMT94 Yamaha is obviously aiming for a hat-trick.

Third spot on the grid goes to the remarkable Team LRP Poland on BMW, with riders Markus Reiterberger, Lukas Trautmann and Dominik Vincon. They will be the challengers to watch in this race.

Suzuki Endurance Racing Team, in 4th place, is also be a strong contender. Vincent Philippe, Etienne Masson and Alex Cudlin will be able to draw on their solid experience during the race.

Yamaha Viltaïs Experiences goes on the offensive
After holding its fire yesterday, Yamaha Viltaïs Experiences went in all guns blazing on qualifying tyres today to wrest back control of the Superstock class. Bastien Mackels, Florian Alt and Axel Maurin took the Yamaha #333 to 5th spot on the starting grid, ahead of seasoned EWC squads like F.C.C. TSR Honda and Bolliger Team Switzerland. They also got the upper hand over two ambitious Superstock teams: Völpker NRT48 Schubert Motors by ERC and Moto Ain CRT.
Honda Endurance Racing will start the race from 10th place.

An eventful qualifying session
The timed Q2 witnessed a number of minor crashes in the ranks of the top teams. Mike Di Meglio (GMT94 Yamaha) took a spill, as did Marvin Fritz (YART Yamaha Official EWC Team), Lukas Trautmann (Team LRP Poland), Alex Cudlin (Suzuki Endurance Racing Team), Florian Alt (Yamaha Viltaïs Experiences) and Osamu Deguchi (Eva RT Webike Trick Star).

The riders will be back on the track in the morning tomorrow (Saturday) for the warm-up, starting from 9am CEST. The 8 Hours of Oschersleben will be flagged off at 2pm tomorrow, with a night finish at 10pm.

Overall qualifying results

Provisional starting grid