Fourth fires up Team Bolliger Switzerland in EWC

2022-04-21T22:38:17+02:00April 20th, 2022|2022|

Team Bolliger Switzerland began season 41 in the FIM Endurance World Championship with a strong fourth-place finish in the Formula EWC category in eighth overall.

Afterwards, Team Manager Kevin Bolliger reflected on another determined performance by his Kawasaki-powered riders, Jan Bühn, Jesper Pellijeff and Nico Thöni.

“After a long and hard 24 hours we can be happy about a sensational fourth place in EWC,” said Bolliger. “We enjoyed a very intensive week in Le Mans in which everything went very positively for the most part and it was the same in the race.

“We scored the first points after the first eight hours and then as the night drew in our riders put in a very good pace. Fortunately, we were able to ride the whole night without any incident which also brought us further up in the rankings.

“From dawn on we rode between eighth and fifth place and, at 07h00, after the second eight hours we could be happy about another six points, at this point we had 11 points for sure which made us very happy and confident for the rest of the race.

“Our three riders as well as the complete team did a very good job through the whole race and so the morning went by without any problems.

“When Jan handed over the bike to Nico about three hours before the end of the race, Jan, who had fallen ill with Covid-19 three weeks ago and was not yet at full strength, was completely knocked out from the bike and had asked that Nico and Jesper finish the race in pairs if possible, so it happened that Jesper, when he took over the bike from Nico, did a double stint at the end.

“Until 20 minutes before the end everything looked as if there were no more critical moments. However, when the engine of another team blew up and there was oil on the track, this was a brief moment of shock as you can slip and fall on it at any time and without warning, but when the safety car immediately gathered the field and controlled the race, Jesper was able to bring the race and the points home safely.

“In the pits there was no holding back, we were happy about the fourth place in EWC and eighth overall and the points won in addition to Jesper, who was then supported by masseur Mike Rafalski and Nigel Nigel Walraven [fourth rider], came back to the pits under great applause and celebrated. The season could not have started better for us and we look very positively on the next race in Spa. We would like to thank all our fans, sponsors, supporters and friends for their great support.”