Girls Racing Team at the Bol d’Or

2016-09-17T00:00:00+02:00September 17th, 2016|Bol d'Or 2016-2017|

An all-female squad has qualified in 39th place, riding a Yamaha: the Girls Racing Team. Muriel Simorre, Melissa Paris and Jolanda Van Westernen will be on the Bol d’Or starting grid at 3pm today.

Strong performers on the track, the women who make up the Girls Racing Team have achieved their first objective: notching up a qualifying time of under 2’06 at the Bol d’Or. Muriel Simorre, Melissa Paris and Jolanda Van Westernen will start the race from 39th place in the saddle of their Yamaha R1 #19. The Girls Racing Team earned their stripes at the Barcelona 24 Hours, winning the 600cc category in 2013 and 2015 and getting on the second step of the 600cc podium in 2014. The Bol d’Or is the new challenge they’ve set themselves for 2016.

We’ve proved we’re here to stand up and be counted, says Muriel Simorre, boosted by the qualifying results. We had one obsession: getting within 110% of the best time to qualify. David Checa came over to congratulate us. And now we’ve made it to the starting grid, our aim is to finish the race.”

Tune in to the action on the Paul Ricard circuit from 3pm today to cheer on the Girls Racing Team.