Memories of Estoril

2020-09-10T15:12:23+02:00September 10th, 2020|12 Hours of Estoril, 2019-2020|

The track near Portugal’s capital Lisbon will host the 12 Hours of Estoril, the 2019-2020 FIM EWC final, on Saturday 26 September. The Endurance World Championship last visited the circuit in 2000. But some former Moto2 and Moto3 riders now competing in the FIM EWC recall the Estoril circuit, which hosted its last MotoGP race in 2012.

Mike di Meglio – F.C.C. TSR Honda France (Moto2 in 2012)
“It’s a very technical track. There are some critical points where you can make a difference, and alternating low and higher-speed sections. It’s going to be a difficult circuit for overtaking. I really like the track because it has a rhythm that means you never get bored in the saddle of your bike.”

Louis Rossi – ERC Endurance Ducati (Moto3 in 2012)
“I have a lot of memories of Estoril.  It’s the track on which I raced my very first GP 125 with the French national team in 2007. In 2012 I was in Moto3 there. There are quite a few challenging and technical points, like the very tight uphill chicane to the exit of the last corner. The fast corners include the dogleg before the main straight. We took it full speed in Moto3, but I’m not sure it’ll be that simple on the 1000cc bikes. In any case I think it’ll make for a great race.”

Xavier Simeon – Suzuki Endurance Racing Team (Moto2 in 2012)
“It’s a physically demanding track and a mixed bag in terms of corners: heavy braking, tight hairpins and fast corners. I still quite liked it though back then, but it’ll be very challenging for an endurance race.”

Gino Rea – Wójcik Racing Team (Moto2 in 2012)
“I haven’t raced at Estoril since 2012, so it will be like a new circuit for me, especially on a Superbike! But I’m excited, it’s a very unique and twisty circuit with lots of changes of direction and includes fast and slow turns at different radius! It will be crucial to have a bike that handles well around there for the 12-hour race, otherwise it will be physically tough. I think it will be interesting to go to a circuit where all the EWC teams have not had much experience, it makes it more of a level playing field to start the week. I’m sure we will enjoy this great new circuit and event!”

Roberto Rolfo – Moto Ain (Moto2 in 2012)
“I really like Estoril because it’s old-style track with fast and slow corners. I raced my first GP in the 250 class there in 2001 and my last year in Moto2 in 2012. The layout hasn’t changed, there’s a very slow corner, which might seem odd but is actually very enjoyable and very spectacular if you’re watching. The circuit is great but so is the place. I love Portugal because it’s so green and peaceful: a great way to find my focus to tackle the last race of the season. I’m very happy to be going back there.”