National Motos: a hard-fought victory

2021-06-23T15:26:51+02:00June 23rd, 2021|2021, 24 Heures Motos 2021|

The Superstock winner and 4th overall at the 24 Heures Motos 2021, Honda-mounted National Motos had no major mechanical problems, but the race was exhausting for the entire team. The team manager Stéphane Haddadj looks back on the 24-hour race.

“We had no technical problems, but managing our riders was tough. Stéphane Egéa and Guillaume Antiga did practically the entire race as a twosome. Kevin Trueb’s old injury to his right hand flared up again and he was unable to do more than three stints. So we had to guide Stéphane and Guillaume and reorganize our rider management to optimize their recovery time. At times they nearly gave in to fatigue and were filled with self-doubt. I had to be there with them and boost their morale. They had to keep up the pace to stay with the leading pack without putting themselves in danger. It was an exhausting race for me too. I constantly monitored their preparation and ensured they did their physiotherapy sessions, and that they ate and drank despite their extreme tiredness. “

National Motos are the new favourite in the Superstock class but they had already written their name in the annals of the 24 Heures Motos. The privateer team backed by the Paris region Honda dealership of the same name won the race in 2006 ahead of SERT. They are the first team to win the 24 Heures Motos in both the EWC and Superstock classes. The 2021 Superstock win has a different flavour.

“If I had to rate the two wins, this one was really earned. In 2006, the various race incidents put us in the lead. In 2021, Stéphane and Guillaume ran most of the race as a twosome and we battled at the head of the field without crashing. I dedicate this win to all the members of the team, our partners, customers and fans, and to my dad Pipo. It’s the result of the past few years of hard work.”