One number, one story – Motobox Kremer Racing #65

2020-07-01T09:00:07+02:00July 1st, 2020|2019-2020, 24 Heures Motos 2020|

This German independent team joined the FIM EWC in 1999 and adopted the number 65 in the early 2000s when they became full-time contenders.

Motobox Kremer Racing was created in 1999 by the mechanic Manfred Kremer and the rider Martin Scherrer with backing from another two riders, Peter Rink and Achim Steinnacher, who were both also Motobox dealers.

After making an impressive showing at the 24 Heures Motos in 1999 and the 24 Heures of Liège at Spa in 2000, Motobox Kremer Racing added their name to the Bol d’Or honour roll. It was at this time, in the early 2000s, that the team opted for 65 as their race number.

“In the early stages of our endurance racing career, we had different numbers – 19, 26, 37, etc.,” recalls Motobox team manager Manfred Kremer. “A few years in, we noticed the French teams chose to use the unique number of their département. Since we too wanted to be FIM EWC contenders to be reckoned with, we decided to use the first two numbers of our postcode: 65 558 Oberneisen.

Motobox Kremer Racing’s orange, grey and black Yamaha has proudly worn the number 65 ever since. In 20 years of racing, riders of several different nationalities have made up Manfred Kremer’s team. The 2020 line-up slated to race at Le Mans at the end of August is Franco-German: Geoffroy Dehaye, Stefan Ströhlein and Benjamin Colliaux.

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