One number, one story – Team 33 Coyote Louit Moto

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This independent team have used the unique number of their départment Gironde since their debut at the 2000 24 Heures Motos. Team 33 Coyote Louit Moto won the FIM Endurance World Cup in 2015.

Ask any EWC fan what the number 33 stands for and they’ll tell you about the Kawasaki-mounted Team 33 Coyote Louit Moto. The French team are big hitters in the Superstock class. Team 33 Coyote Louit Moto won the 2015 FIM Endurance World Cup, and climbed onto the Superstock podium at the 2017 Bol d’Or and again in 2019 at the 24 Heures Motos and the 8 Hours of Slovakia Ring.

Team 33’s big adventure started at the end of 1999. Created by a group of four friends at the instigation of the rider Christophe Herriberry, the team made their debut appearance at the 2000 24 Heures Motos on a Yamaha with backing from a dealership in Bordeaux, the capital of the Gironde département: hence the choice of 33 (Gironde’s unique number). Although the team received backing in subsequent seasons from a dealership in another French region, they stayed faithful to the number 33, claiming several Superstock podiums in 2001 and 4th place overall in the Endurance World Cup.

In 2008, Christophe Herriberry stepped down and Gilles Caballo took over the reins. In 2011, after more than 10 seasons racing on a Yamaha, Team 33 entered a new era. The team switched to Kawasaki with the support of the Bordeaux area dealership Louit Moto, still their partner in 2020.

Team 33 Coyote Louit Moto caused a stir at the 2012 Bol d’Or by recruiting Loris Baz and Jérémy Guarnoni, both FIM Superstock 1000 Cup riders at the time, like Florian Marino and Lorenzo Savadori, who rode the Kawasaki 33 in 2013.

2020 is set to be another pivotal season for Team 33 Coyote Louit Moto. Gilles Caballo has ceded his role as team manager to chief mechanic Benoit Leveillard. In another key change, the ZX-10R will now be Michelin-shod.

The 33’s adventure continues.

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