Riders on Estoril – Gino Rea

2021-07-06T10:08:38+02:00July 6th, 2021|12 Hours of Estoril 2021, 2021|

In the saddle of Wójcik Racing Team’s Yamaha, Gino Rea took 3rd place at the 2020 12 Hours of Estoril with Broc Parkes and Sheridan Morais. He is happy to be returning to the Portuguese circuit.

The layout of the circuit flows very well and it has a mixture of different turns and straights,” says Rea. “The last corner for example is long and fast, opening out to a very very long straight, then the first corner requires maximum braking into a very slow and tight corner, then later there’s the tight and slow chicane on the in-field section which opens out to a long right turn… so it’s nice to have a mix of slow, fast, tight and open turns. Some people don’t enjoy that tight chicane on the in-field but I don’t mind it, so there’s really nothing I don’t like! If I had to sum up Estoril in three words, I’d say: fast, slow and fun.”

Having had a rough time of it at the 24 Heures Motos a few weeks ago, Wójcik Racing Team are looking to score points and get their revenge in Portugal. Gino Rea, Sheridan Morais and Christoffer Bergman will be riding at Estoril on Saturday 17 July. You have to be fast and competitive on the track but limit the mistakes,” says Rea. “It’s a very difficult balance. The extra 4 hours compared to an 8-hour race also makes it a tough race, because the race starts early in the morning (9am), which means you wake early, and finishes in the dark at 9pm, so it’s a long day of intense action.”