2015-09-19T00:00:00+02:00September 19th, 2015|Bol d'Or 2015|

Suzuki Endurance Racing Team and Honda Endurance Racing have been waging a superb battle for the lead for the past few hours at the Bol d’Or after a turbulent start to the race.

The lead quartet has been battling it out for the past five hours on the track at the Paul Ricard circuit. Suzuki Endurance Racing Team and Honda Endurance Racing are locked in a real struggle, watched closely by Monster Energy Yamaha YART and Team SRC Kawasaki, delayed in the early stages of the race by an end-of-stint dry tank. In the saddle of the Kawasaki, Fabien Foret still has his record lap of 1’58.979 in the early part of the race, which started at a blistering pace.
BMW Motorrad France Team Penz13. com and Maco Racing are battling for fifth place three laps behind the leader, but Yamaha Maco Racing has been delayed by running out of fuel.
Team Traqueur Louit Moto 33 has seized control of the Superstock class after Junior Team LMS Suzuki, which was leading in the early part of the race, suffered an overheating problem. The Suzuki #72 is still in the pits, being totally dismantled. “We’re going to try and find the reason for the power loss,” said Damien Saulnier, the team manager of the Junior Team, which is fighting for a win in the Superstock World Cup. Yamaha Viltaïs Experiences is now second in the category, ahead of Tati Team Beaujolais Racing, with Völpker NRT 48 & Penz13 by Schubert Motors hot on its heels.
After a crash at the start of the race and a long push to return, the GMT94 Yamaha is carrying out a superb fight-back and was 16th, five laps behind the leader, at 8pm. “The podium is still within our reach at the finish,” said Christophe Guyot, “but we’ll also have to try for the bonus points 8 and 16 hours into the race.”
Honda National Motos had a tougher time trying to get back into the leading pack after an ignition pick-up sensor problem and a long-drawn-out push for Louis Bulle too.
One team had already retired before nightfall: Bolliger Team Switzerland, which had been lapping in the top five. The Swiss team’s Kawasaki had a broken frame after a fall. Space Moto 37 also threw in the towel as a result of a broken piston.