Slovakia Ring: an unusual circuit

2017-06-24T00:00:00+02:00June 24th, 2017|8 Hours of Slovakia Ring 2017|

The FIM EWC championship has ventured onto the Slovakia Ring for the first time. The 5,922-m circuit has found favour with the riders as well as the technical crews. Some input from the fastest team in qualifying.

‘If I were to compare the Slovakia Ring to another circuit, I’d say Suzuka comes closest,’ says Ludovic Reignier, technical chief of YART Yamaha Official EWC Team, ‘because of the track’s combination of technical stretches and very fast sections.’

Ludovic agreed to unveil a few of the YART Yamaha’s key performance numbers on the Slovakia Ring. ‘Our top speed at the end of the straight is 293 km/h. Turn 2 is very fast. Our riders start braking at 253 km/h when they begin turning in, pass the apex at 166 km/h and come out of the corner at 175 km/h. Turn 4 is even more spectacular: riders come out still faster, at 200 km/h.’