2015-07-26T00:00:00+02:00July 26th, 2015|Suzuka 8 Hours 2015|

Also managing to obtain a good place, Team April Moto Motors Events finished 16th, Team R2CL 20th. Flembbo Leader Team ends 42th.

Team April Moto Motors Events – Hervé Moineau (team manager)

We’re quite satisfied, because after finishing in 26th position in the qualifying sessions, we were aiming for a place in the top 20. But in fact we’re 16th. We had a delay during refuelling in the early stages of the race because of a problem with the rear wheel axle nut. In fact several teams had tyre problems because of the heat. We’d done our settings with a view to putting as little strain as possible on the tyres, and that paid off.”

Team 2CL – Raphael Chaussé (team manager)

We were in the top 20 all the way. We had an issue with tyres wearing out because of the extreme heat, and our riders were sorely tried by the weather conditions.”

Flembbo Leader Team – Laurent Engel – (team manager)

We really never have much luck at Suzuka. We had exactly the same problem as last year. We were pretty consistently in 20th place when a rival bike ran into ours, and so we dropped back 20 places.”