2015-08-22T00:00:00+02:00August 22nd, 2015|8 Hours of Oschersleben 2015|

Less than an hour from the finish, the battle for top spot is still raging. With the refuelling stops, the GMT94 and SERT teams are alternately in the lead. The result is still anyone’s guess!

With both bikes and riders turning in ace performances, things could go either way as the race draws to a close. A few seconds’ lead at a refuelling stop, an advantage or disadvantage when the safety car comes on circuit (thrice so far), a rider’s speed at a given moment – all of these factors could prove decisive.

There’s been a change as to third place on the podium, after Ivan Silva skidded on an oil slick on the track and crashed. He had to make a quick return to the pits, losing the Monster Energy Yamaha YART team two minutes – and, most importantly, third place.

The Austrian factory Yamaha’s loss is BMW Motorrad France Team’s gain: the latter team now finds itself in third place.

The Honda Racing team had a minor mishap. Julien Da Costa was in the saddle when he had to pit to adjust the fit of the chain inside the sprocket.

Junior Team Le Mans Sud Suzuki now has a comfortable lead in the Superstock class after Marco Nekvasil, riding for the Völpker NRT 48 & Penz13 by Schubert Motors team, took a fall.

Also in the Superstock category, the engine of the Yamaha Viltaïs Expériences bike failed when the team was in 22nd place following problems with the electronics