The Bol d’Or as a two-man team

2018-04-15T17:17:36+02:00September 16th, 2017|Bol d’Or 2017 2018|

In a 24-hour race, a team is made up of three riders. At the Bol d’Or, some teams are racing as a duo out of choice or necessity.

After Damian Cudlin withdrew, Honda National Motos decided to race with two riders. Stéphane Egéa and Emeric Jonchière have been alternating stints since 3pm Saturday, and are hanging grimly on to their goal of a place in the Top 15. ‘We’d prepared for the race,’ says Stéphane Egéa; ‘our technical crew and bike were in Castellet, and so we decided to enter the race as a duo. So far we’ve been alternating regular stints without any problems. We might double up our night stints though so we can get some rest.’

‘We’ve done the easiest stretch; now we’ll have to keep going through the night,’ adds National Motos team manager Stéphane Haddadj.

Moto Ain CRT will also have to get through the night with only two riders. Following Julien Millet’s crash, Mathieu Lussiana and Alejandro Medina decided to keep going as a two-man team. After being in the Top 10 in the early part of the race, Yamaha-mounted Moto Ain CRT lost a lot of ground after the crash, but had climbed back up to 30th place by 10pm.