VRD Igol Pierret Experiences: A cohesive team gets stronger

2020-07-27T10:45:22+02:00July 27th, 2020|2019-2020, 24 Heures Motos 2020|

VRD Igol Pierret Experiences are making constant progress. The French Yamaha-supported team showcased their ambitions at private test at Le Mans, mid-July.

The entire team managed by Yannick Lucot were on the Bugatti circuit to prepare for the 24 Heures Motos. VRD Igol Pierret Experiences have an impressive line-up in the saddle. Florian Alt and Florian Marino will be shored up by endurance specialist Mathieu Gines, the FIM EWC title winner in 2014 with GMT94. Spanish rider Nico Terol, the 125cc world champion in 2011, joins the team as back-up rider, and is continuing to familiarize himself with endurance racing.

VRD Igol Pierret Experiences have not merely strengthened their rider line-up. The technical crew has been reinforced too, with two new hires: an engineer and a mechanic. The Dunlop-shod Yamaha 333 is in good hands.

The team’s ambitions couldn’t be any clearer. VRD Igol Pierret Experiences are a podium contender at the 24 Heures Motos at the end of August.

We have reached a new level for 2020,” says Yannick Lucot, the team manager of VRD Igol Pierret Experiences. “The bike and the technical staff have made further progress and, regarding the riders, we have one of the best squads on track. VRD Igol Pierret Experiences is not a collection of individuals, but rather a team working as one. We spend a lot of time working on cohesion, collective efforts and common goals. This has made it easy for Mathieu Gines and Nicolás Terol to get involved. We joined the world championship full-time in 2011. We have always been able to adapt the team to our expectations. Today, we have a very efficient team, since we are aiming for the top step of the podium.”