Well done Yamaha Viltaïs Experiences!

2017-06-28T00:00:00+02:00June 28th, 2017|8 Hours of Slovakia Ring 2017|

Yamaha Viltaïs Experiences has won the FIM EWC Superstock World Cup. Sixth overall at the 8 Hours of Slovakia Ring, the last race of the season for the category, and second Superstock past the finish line, the French team won its maiden World Cup victory, and is already setting its sights even higher.

Yamaha Viltaïs Experiences got to Slovakia in third place in the FIM EWC World Cup provisional standings, and was not the favourite to win the World Cup at the start of the race. Standings leader Moto Ain CRT was well placed to be crowned best Superstock team of the season. Tati Team Beaujolais Racing too stood in the way of a World Cup victory for Viltaïs.

A confident, calm and determined team
Yannick Lucot, Yamaha Viltaïs Experiences team manager, says ‘confidence, calm and determination’ were the keys to the squad’s win. ‘Our aim was to win the race in Slovakia,’ he adds, ‘but most importantly, we wanted to race OUR way and leave the reckoning for later – while keeping an eye on our rivals! After Moto Ain CRT crashed out, we stayed on the aggressive to win the Superstock class, and put pressure on our other competitors, like Tati Team Beaujolais Racing. When Völpker NRT48 Schubert Motors overtook us towards the end of the race, we deliberately focused on the World Cup. I’d told the squad at the start of the season: we have to win the World Cup, even if we don’t win the races. In Slovakia, we needed to come in 6th to win the Cup.’

Now in the team’s sights: Formula EWC
Having triumphed in the Superstock class, Yamaha Viltaïs Experiences is targeting the premier class of the championship: Formula EWC. ‘That’s our objective, and now we need to discuss it with Michelin and Yamaha,’ says Lucot. ‘We’d like to continue with these two partners next season, and field the same trio of riders – Axel Maurin, Florian Alt and Bastien Mackels.’

Axel Maurin was the only one of the three riders who raced all the 2016-2017 races with Yamaha Viltaïs Experiences, and the sole rider to pick up the FIM EWC World Cup.

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