Yamaha still in control

Yamaha still in control

16/04/2017 08:21

YART Yamaha Official EWC Team and GMT94 Yamaha have been setting the pace of the 24 Heures Motos for the past 16 hours. The Austrian Yamaha is still in the lead, with the French Yamaha nipping at its heels.

The two teams have been separated by a gap of mere seconds ever since the start of the race. Meanwhile, three teams are battling for 3rd place nine laps behind the two machines in the lead. F.C.C. TSR Honda are running a faultless race in this well-placed pack. At 7am they were leading Suzuki Endurance Racing Team, who did a catch-up overnight, and Team SRC Kawasaki, who were slowed down by electrical issues during the night.

In Superstock, the battle for victory has become more close-fought after Yamaha Viltaïs Experiences, which had been leading the race since the start, suffered a setback – a broken oil filter. Yamaha Viltaïs Experiences and Tati Team Beaujolais Racing are now in the same lap, in 6th and 7th place, ahead of Moto Ain CRT. Mechanical problems have distanced Junior Team Le Mans Sud Suzuki in the fight for the Superstock podium.

Maco Racing Team carried off a smooth climb into the Top 10 overnight to pick up bonus points at the 16-hour mark together with Bolliger Team Switzerland, currently placed 10th.

Results after 16 h

Sixth at the finish of the 24 Heures Motos, Tati Team Beaujolais Racing topped the Superstock category and also picked up the EWC Dunlop Independent Trophy, winning €5,000 worth of prize money. The team placed ahead of Moto Ain CRT and AM Moto Racing Compétition.

Suzuki Endurance Racing Team was awarded the first ‘Anthony Delhalle EWC Spirit Trophy’ on Sunday after the finish of the 24 Heures Motos in Le Mans.

GMT Yamaha won the 24 Heures Motos after a relentless battle against YART Yamaha Official EWC Team. Team SRC Kawasaki rounded off a podium with three tyre manufacturers represented: Dunlop, Bridgestone and Pirelli. 74,500 spectators watched the suspenseful race on the Bugatti circuit.

The 24 Heures Motos 2017 is turning out to be the edition that smashes all previous records, including distance and lap time.

YART Yamaha Official EWC Team is still in the lead, with GMT94 Yamaha close behind. Team SRC Kawasaki is back in 3rd place 8 hours into the race, while Suzuki Endurance Racing Team has lost ground after running off the track a couple of times.

The Superstocks are proving unstoppable. Six hours into the race, 11 of the machines in this class are among the Top 20.